3rd Annual Telematics Insurance North America: Chicago, 2017


Chicago, Illinois , Chicago

The 3rd Annual Telematics Insurance North America makes its return to Chicago, Illinois on April 26 & 27, 2017.
Mark your diaries for the third annual, fully insurer-driven event, unofficially being recognized by the industry as the meeting ground of the creme of the auto insurance space.
'What separates this congress from other conferences is the content prepared and presented by insurance professionals'
EVOLVING BUSINESS MODELS FOR DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES : Learn  How To Apply The Latest Smartphone And In-Vehicle Technologies To Develop Processes For Improving Risk Analysis
OBD-II: Understanding The True Value Of Data Gathered From Dongles: Accuracy And RIchness
MOBILE TELEMATICS : Discover The Optimal Approach For Delivering Consumer Collected Telematics Data And Learn How To Lower Data Gathering Costs
DONGLES VS SMARTPHONES VS EMBEDDED DEVICES : Which Options Deliver The Highest Return On Equity For The Insurer Without Compromising Data Quality
WHAT IS THE MOST PREDICTIVE TELEMATIC VARIABLE? Develop A Consistent Methodology For Cost Effectively Evaluating Telematics Data In Relation To Losses
>Speed           > Harsh Acceleration         > Hard Braking
> Harsh Cornering        > Location         >Time Of Day
DATA OWNERSHIP & SECURITY : Learn What Needs To Be Done To Encourage Data Sharing Between Insurers, OEMs, Third-Party Aggregators And Consumers While Eliminating Privacy Concerns
AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES : Forecasting The Impact Of Driverless Cars On Telematics Insurance Products, Claims Handling And Profitability

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