Jerusalem, Isreal , Jerusalem

Dear Colleagues,
The fundamental aim of psychiatric genetics is to identify genes that confer susceptibility to psychiatric disorders and to elucidate the pathway from the gene to the clinical phenotype. A further allied objective is to identify genes that influence response to the drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders and susceptibility to adverse effects. Success holds the tantalizing promise of unravelling hitherto elusive pathophysiological mechanisms and developing new and more effective treatments. Such treatments are urgently needed in a field that has seen few truly novel, clinically proven drugs for several decades.
We invite you to Jerusalem, Israel on October 30th to November 3th, 2016, to learn what has been achieved in psychiatric genetics in the past year and what lies ahead, to meet colleagues who share your interest in this fascinating area, and to bring your own findings to the attention of the field. Psychiatric genetics covers a broad spectrum of experimental approaches. The International Scientific Program Committee of the Jerusalem 2016 meeting will make every effort to insure that the key approaches are represented at the meeting and to achieve a synthesis of knowledge that goes beyond the data presented.
Jerusalem is a remarkable city. It combines the ancient and the modern into a unique fabric that calls out to be explored. We hope you will set aside time to do so in addition to actively participating in the 2016 World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics. Moreover, meeting in Jerusalem can make a unique contribution by using science as a bridge to peace. The International Scientific Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee, and we your Congress Chairs, are sparing no effort to insure that Jerusalem 2016 is a successful meeting that you will find memorable on both the scientific and social levels.

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